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Vital steps forward on the pathway to sustainability in the Great Bear Rainforest


Nanwakolas Council, Coastal First Nations, and the Ministry of Forests have today announced new measures to sustain the Great Bear Rainforest as one of the world’s most treasured and diverse coastal temperate forest ecosystems. The changes to regulation and policy reflect First Nations’ leadership and the provincial government’s commitment to continuous improvement of forest management in First Nations territories, and are part of a broader responsibility to build a conservation-based economy that supports maintenance of ecological integrity and human well-being for the North-Central and South-Central Coast. “First Nations have been resourceful, responsible managers of our forests for thousands of years,” said Dallas Smith, president, Nanwakolas Council. “Under our care, and with the systems we used, both our forests and the people and creatures who depend on them thrived. It is gratifying to work with a government that recognizes that, and is working with us to return our forests to those Indigenous-led, sustainable management systems. These new measures are a vital step on that pathway.”

You can read more about the announcement here.